Remanufactured carburetors are tested to O.E.M. specifications the day of delivery to ensure little or no adjustments upon installation. Please allow two to three days  for processing your order and calibrating your carburetor.

Two Stage Carburetor Testing System

  FIRST STAGE - Flow Bench Testing
Primary testing of the carburetor begins after each unit is remanufactured to O.E.M. specifications. Then the carburetor is flow bench tested. All manual adjustments are performed including choke, accelerator pump, electronic and computer component settings. Finally a complete air and fluid test is performed from idle to high speed operations.
  SECOND STAGE - Engine Testing
Final engine testing is done the day the remanufactured unit leaves Guaranteed Carburetors. The idle settings are fine tuned. Then the low speed, mid range jets and metering flow is tested. Finally a quick check is done on the high speed jets and secondary flow (if applicable). This results in a high quality calibrated carburetor our customers know and expect.